Are you struggling to get Raiser's Edge set up for the first time? Or having trouble creating processes and procedures? I've helped dozens of non-profit organizations through that process.

Get help with Raiser's Edge setup.

Data Optimization

Is your data a mess? Can you pull Crystal reports efficiently and accurately? Let me clean your data, and customize reports so you always have the information you need.

Optimize our database.


Do you have a new employee and want them to handle your data properly from day one? Do you have a staffing gap, and need someone to keep things rolling temporarily? I can help.

Train our new staff member.


Your non-profit organization relies on relationships. Those relationships live in your Raiser's Edge database.

Nurturing and developing relationships depends on your database being set up properly, kept organized and clean, and having processes and procedures to ensure your data is handled the right way every time.

With over 18 years of Raiser's Edge experience, I can

  • Clean up your data, virtually or on-site
  • Write procedures so that your data stays clean
  • Provide staff training
  • Step in as a temporary staff person when your Raiser’s Edge staff moves on or is on temporary / maternity leave
  • Write queries and reports
  • Set up documents for mail merge

Make the most of every member, donor, volunteer, advocate, and friend relationship. Make the most of your data. Let YOUR DATA WORKS! help.


Make today count

Contact me today to have a conversation about your Raiser's Edge challenges. I'm here to help.